Quick start


You can install intdash SDK for Python (hereafter intdash-py) using PyPI. Install with the following command.

$ pip install intdash


Python 3.5 or higher is required to use the intdash SDK for Python.

To uninstall, execute the following command.

$ pip uninstall intdash

Use intdash-py

To start using intdash-py, create a client. To create a client, use the URL of the connection destination and the credentials of the edge account (token or user name/password combination). See intdash client for other available parameters.

When using an edge token:

import intdash

client = intdash.Client(
    url = "https://example.intdash.jp",
    edge_token = "your_token",

When using a user name/password:

import intdash

client = intdash.Client(
    url = "https://example.intdash.jp",
    username = "your_username_here",
    password = "your_password_here",

Once you create the client, you can access the resources. Make a request by selecting the type of resource you want to access. In the following example, the edge resource is specified and the information of the own edge is retrieved.

# Edge resource
edges = client.edges

# print out edge information
me = edges.me()