3. Sign in to intdash#

My Page v3.3.0 / Meas Hub v1.6.0 / Media Explorer v1.1.0 / Edge Finder v2.7.0 / Admin Console v1.3.0

To use the intdash application, you need to sign in to intdash using your user account.

  1. Open your URL in your web browser.

    The URL is different for each intdash domain. If you have not received the URL, username and password, please contact your administrator.

  2. When the sign in screen is displayed, enter your user name or registered email address and password.

    Depending on your environment, the Tenant ID box may also appear on the sign in screen. In that case, enter the tenant ID specified by the administrator. If you leave the tenant ID blank, you will be logged in to the default tenant.


    Fig. 3 Sign in to intdash#

  3. Accept the user guideline, and then click [Sign In].

  4. From the list of applications, click the application you want to use.


    Fig. 4 Application list#

    The Admin Console for administrators does not appear in the list of applications. To open the Admin Console, go to <base URL>/admin/.


If you sign in using the temporary password provided by the administrator, the screen for setting a new password will be displayed. Follow the instructions on the screen to set a new password.


Please note that the temporary password has an expiration date.

The URL of each application is as follows. The base URL is different for each intdash domain. Please refer to the information provided by the administrator.

  • My Page: <base_URL>/users/me/

  • Edge Finder: <base_URL>/edges/

  • Meas Hub: <base_URL>/measurements/

  • Media Explorer: <base_URL>/media/

  • Admin Console <base_URL>/admin/

For example, if the base URL of your intdash domain is https://example.vm2m.jp, the URL of each application will be as follows.

  • My Page: https://example.vm2m.jp/users/me/

  • Edge Finder: https://example.vm2m.jp/edges/

  • Meas Hub: https://example.vm2m.jp/measurements/

  • Media Explorer: https://example.vm2m.jp/media/

  • Admin Console https://example.vm2m.jp/admin/

If you already have an intdash application open, you can also move to another application with the applications button at the top right of the screen.


Fig. 5 Move to another application#