1. Introduction (Web Console Apps)#

My Page v3.3.0 / Meas Hub v1.6.0 / Media Explorer v1.1.0 / Edge Finder v2.7.0 / Admin Console v1.3.0


  • This document is for general informational purposes only. Specifications in this document are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

  • Screenshots used in descriptions are examples. Some displays or procedures might differ depending on your environment and application version.


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1.1. Contents of this document#

This document describes how to do the following:

  • Manage your own edges

  • Check the statuses of the edges

  • Search and manage measurement data stored on the server

  • Manage your user account information

  • (For administrators) Manage all users and all edges in the intdash domain


A user with the admin role is called an administrator.

These operations are performed using the following applications.

  • My Page

    • Setting your user name, email address, password, display language, etc.

    • Creating edge accounts and changing edge account settings

  • Edge Finder

    • Viewing all users in the domain

    • Checking real-time data traffic to the intdash server

  • Meas Hub

    • Search and manage measurement data stored on the server

  • Admin Console (Available only to administrators)

    • Managing all users and all edges in the intdash domain


This document does not cover how to use the Visual M2M Data Visualizer to visualize time series data in a dashboard. See Data Visualizer Operation Manual.

1.2. System requirements#

The operations described in this document are performed on a web browser. The following environment is required.

  • OS: Windows or macOS

  • CPU: Intel 3rd Generation Core i5 and above

  • Memory: 8GB or more

  • Network: Internet connection

  • Web browser: Google Chrome (latest version)